1. Check your installations

Before you can start to download the game, you should first check your OS and your Java Installation.

 - Windows 64 or 32bit
 - Java 32bit  (Not sure what Java you have? Click here)

2. Download the game

You can download the latest release from here:

Download from mediafire.com

Then extract all the files from the zip to an empty directory.

3. Run the game (variant 1)

Double click on the BlockShooter.jar

Nothing happens? Here are some reasons:
- you tried to start the game on an other os
- you are using Java 64 bit
- you didn't install Java

It still doesn't work? Try "Run the game (variant 2)"

3. Run the game (variant 2)

First try to start the "start.bat"

Nothing happens? Then you'll have to open the start.bat with Notepad
Right click on the "start.bat" > Edit

Then look for "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe" and change this to your path of the Java installation